Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

I've taken a looooong break from baking.  When a friend asked me recently to bake a cake for her 50th birthday celebration, I felt so excited!  Here's what I did...
Rather than purchase pricey decorative numbers, I decided to make them and the word 'fabulous' using candy melts and gold dragees.  (They're very fragile and will break, so it was important to be careful.)  The bubbles (circles) are all hand-cut.  I placed rock candy inside of the miniature martini glass and rimmed it with gold sanding sugar.  It was a big hit!
The next cake was a learning experience for me.  It was for a very intimate wedding party (only 30 ppl).  I purchased the calla lilies from a local cake supply store rather than try to make them.  I'm pleased with that decision.  With this cake, I discovered that I am not so great at leveling a round cake.  I know the trick about flipping it over to use the flat side but I still had issues.  The cake was a little lopsided but still nice.  I evened it out as best I could by strategically adding icing.
Lesson learned...I went right out and purchased this:

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